With Kiehl’s products, not only do you look younger, but you can actually regress your age.

To celebrate this, a co-branded experience with Zoolander 2 was created in Manhattan. The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good was created along with the 6 1⁄2 steps necessary to re-attain youthfulness. This became the basis for the experience. Pre-event films were released socially to tease the event with the likes of Alec Baldwin, Martha Stewart and others in their new “age reduced states”, thanks to Kiehl’s products. The event kicked off with a gala reception outside, worthy of a Zoolander fashion event. Then, the public was invited inside to experience for themselves how one can truly reverse the effects of father time.

Kiehls &  Zoolander Still 001.png
Kiehls &  Zoolander Directors Cut.00_01_08_17.Still003.png